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Spoil yourself this Valentine's Day with a cozy hoodie from Semispoiled

By: Kenley Stevenson

Instagram: @tasting20something

One for you, for your boo, and even for your Galentines, everyone deserves an oversized hoodie from Semispoiled this winter. So, go ahead and spoil yourself... I won't tell.

Morgan Ledenko is a "sophomore on pause" after taking the semester off from the University of Miami to focus on creating her brand, Semispoiled. For those who missed the viral TikTok, Semispoiled is a sweatshirt brand created so that young adults can "spoil" themselves with trendy loungewear while staying comfy and cozy at home.


While she was still living in Miami, the brand started off like many, creating tie-dye clothing during the first initial months of quarantine. It wasn't until Ledenko sent a tank top with matching sweatpants to TikTok sensation Brianna LaPaglia, or as everyone knows her, Brianna Chickenfry. After LaPaglia posted a video wearing Semispoiled's clothing, Ledenko claims that she received thousands of new followers and over 99 order requests.

Not expecting such quick fame, Semispoiled had not yet set up a website to sell their merchandise. "I didn't know this was actually going to be a thing," said the brand's owner.


Ledenko had to decide to stop taking orders after reaching 200, just so she could catch up with the demand for her clothing. In one week, she and her roommate/co-creator (also named Morgan), packaged and shipped out all of the orders. That's some serious hustle.


After returning to her home in California, she took full ownership over the brand and got to work designing Semispolied merch. Her two released designs include sweatshirts with quotes printed on the back in fun and groovy fonts. One reads "LOVE THAT FOR YOU," and the other, "PROTECT YOUR PEACE."

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